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Planting Tobacco at the only Tobacco Farm in Florida

It’s a beautiful day here at the Florida Sun Grown Tobacco farm in Clermont, Florida! You saw us prep the fields, now watch us plant our 2018 crop.

We have a narrow frame tractor with a water wheel planter attached. It puts a hole every 14 inches into the soil, a little water, fertilizer and a wetting agent. As the tractor moves along, we plant each tobacco plant by hand individually. This process is completed about 55,000 times!

Once we have the seedlings in the ground, we run a cultivator to reform that bed and ensure each side of the plastic mulch has a good covering of soil. This step is very important and we learned that the hard way! When we first started this project in 2013, we were still learning the ins and outs of tobacco farming. We didn’t run the cultivator through and the plastic mulch got caught in the wind and blew the rows apart. What a mess that was!



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